Perspectives on the Teaching of Anatomy
Principles of Aviation Medicine
A Method of Selection of Medical Students Based on Previous Academic Grades and Medical Aptitude Scores
The Research Activities of the Preclinical Departments of American Medical Schools During 1940-1942
Report of the Committee on Aptitude Tests for Medical Schools
A Statement of Policy for the Development of a Curriculum for a University Medical School
Accelerated Course at the University of Toronto
The Louisville Meeting
Imminent Closure of Medical Colleges
Interstate Endorsement of Licensure
Dr. John C. Oliver
Federal Aid for Medical Students Pursuing Accelerated Courses
Deferment of Premedical and Medical Students
Applications for Admission to the 1942 Freshman Class
Dr. Ray Lyman Wilbur
Student Loans
Hugh A. McGuigan
College News
General News
Textbook of Bacteriology
Textbook of Histology
War Gases: Their Identification and Decontamination
Essentials of Pathology
Blood Grouping Technic
The National Formulary
The Parasites of Man in Temperate Climates
Treatment in General Practice
Morris’ Human Anatomy
The Pathology of Trauma
Stedman’s Practical Medical Dictionary
Cabot and Adams Physical Diagnosis
Physical Chemistry; for Students of Biochemistry and Medicine
The Science of Health
Central Autonomic Regulations in Health and Disease
The Biological Action of the Vitamins: A Symposium
Emergency Care
Demonstration of Physical Signs in Clinical Surgery
Castor Oil and Quinine
War Medicine
Advances in Internal Medicine
Microbiology and Man
Starling’s Principles of Human Physiology
A Textbook of Gynecology
Aids to Physiology
Psychological Care During Infancy and Childhood
Solving School Health Problems
The Principles of Anatomy As Seen in the Hand
Doctor Bard of Hyde Park: The Famous Physician of Revolutionary Times; the Man Who Saved George Washington’s Life
Manual of Pharmacology: Its Applications to Therapeutics and Toxicology
Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear
The Management of the Sick Infant and Child
Urology in War
Motivation and Visual Factors: Individual Studies of College Students
The Electrocardiogram and X-Ray Configuration of the Heart