Medicine in the Crisis
Proposed Plan for Teaching in Medical Schools
Psychiatric Teaching and the “Prejudice for the Organic”
The Teaching of Gonorrhea Control
The Role of Medical Education in the War
War and Beyond the War; A Promise to Men of Medical Science
Anatomical Dissection: Its Place in the Curriculum
Anatomical Research in the United States During the Past Thirty Years
The 1942 Annual Meeting
“Don't Stick Your Neck Out”
The Place of the Humanities in Education
1941 Freshmen
Credentials of 1942 Freshman Class
College News
General News
Advances in Pediatrics
Human Pathology
The Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America Twelfth Revision
Roentgen Treatment of Diseases of the Nervous System
Clinical Anesthesia: A Manual of Clinical Anesthesiology
First Aid: Surgical and Medical
A Textbook of Fractures and Dislocations Covering Their Pathology, Diagnosis and Treatment
An Introduction to Materia Medica and Pharmacology
Textbook of Medical Treatment
From Witchcraft to Chemotherapy
The Prospective Mother: A Handbook for Women During Pregnancy
Outline of Histology
First Aid and Bandaging
Shock: Its Dynamics, Occurrence and Management
Synopsis of Pathology
Diseases of Women
Professional Adjustments II
Textbook of Pathology
After Effects of Brain Injuries in War: Their Evaluation and Treatment. The Application of Psychologic Methods in the Clinic