Medical Schools and the War Effort
War and Its Needs So Far as Medicine is Concerned
The Procurement and Assignment Service and Medical Education
Report of Committee on the Teaching of Tropical Medicine in Undergraduate Medical Schools of the United States
Recommendations Adopted by the Association of American Medical Colleges at the Annual Meeting Held in October, 1942
Minimum Entrance Requirements
Applicants for 1942 Freshman Class
Graduates of 1942
University of Georgia School of Medicine
University of Texas School of Medicine
Dr. Winfield Scott Hall
Teaching of Tropical Medicine
Competition for Interns
Emergency Licensure
College News
General News
The Essentials of Emergency Treatment
Human Embryology
Osler's Principles and Practice of Medicine
Manual of Dermatology
Medical Parasitology
When Doctors are Rationed
Constitution and Disease: Applied Constitutional Pathology
Fundamentals of Psychiatry
Surgical Pathology
Laboratory Directions in Biochemistry