The Accelerated Program of Medical Education
Medical Research in Wartime
Accomplishment of the 1941-1942 Freshman Class of the Medical Schools of the United States and Canada : Fourteenth Study
War Time Health and Medical Problems
The Basic Science Laws
The Predictive Value of the Medical Scholastic Aptitude Test at Woman's Medical College
Medical Education and the Distribution of Physicians and Hospitals in the South
Markle Tropical Medicine Fellows
Army Specialized Training Program
Army Proposed Specialized Training Program
Statement of opinion Anent Premedical Education
College News
General News
Fundamentals of Immunology
Autonomic Regulations
Outline of Psychiatric Case Study
Religion and Health
Psychomatic Medicine : The Clinical Application of Psychopathology to General Medical Problems
Pancreatic Function and Pancreatic Disease : Studied by Means of Secretin
Textbook of Biochemistry
The Anatomy of the Nervous System : From the Standpoint of Development and Function
Textbook of Clinical Neurology : With an Introduction to the History of Neurology
Diseases of the Breast
Treatment of Fractures
Essentials of Gynecology
Obstetrical Practice
Atlas of Ovarian Tumore
A Surgeon's Fight to Rebuild Men (An Autobiography)
Diseases of the Skin
Doctors of the Mind : The Story of Psychiatry
Clinical Diagnosis By Laboratory Methods : A Working Manual of Clinical Pathology