Accomplishment of the Freshmen Attending the 1942-1943 Session in the Medical Schools of the United States : Fifteenth Study
The Training of a Physician
Case History of One Medical Class at the University of Illinois
The Effect of Specialization on the Education of the Medical Student
The Social Aspects of Medicine
A Foundation for the Adequate Distribution of Postwar Medical Care
Hours of Work Required in Anatomy in the Medical Schools of the United States
Some Methods Used in the Instruction of Gross Anatomy
Applicants for 1943 Freshman Class
The Cleveland Meeting
Faculty Members of the Association
Dr. Arthur C. Bachmeyer
Louis B. Wilson
College News
General News
Reaction to Injury: Pathology for Students of Disease Based on the Functional and Morphological Responses of Tissues to Injurious Agents
Nervousness, Indigestion and Pain
Biochemistry for Medical Students
Microscopic Technique in Biology and Medicine
The Compleat Pediatrician
Textbook of Surgical Treatment: Including Operative Surgery
Synopsis of Tropical Medicine
Fractures and Dislocations
Clinical Diagnosis by Laboratory Methods
A Hundred Years of Medicine
Introduction to Physiological and pathological Chemistry
A Surgeon's World: An Autobiography
Personal and Community Health