The Association of American Medical Colleges and Some Postwar Medical Problems
The Army Specialized Training Program
Report on Training in Medicine and Premedicine under the Army Specialized Training Program
The Premedical and Medical Phases of the Navy V-12 Program
The Navy V-12 Program
The Financial Aspects of Medical Education in the War Program
Effects to Date of the Wartime Program of Medical Education
Membership in the Association of American Medical Colleges
Industrial Medicine
Memorandum Regarding Minimum Educational Facilities Necessary for the Postgraduate Education of Those Seeking Careers in Public Health
College News
General News
The Education of Nurses: Historical Foundations and Modern Trends
Textbook of Physiology
Orthopedic Nursing
The Nature and Treatment of Mental Disorders
Pathological Histology
Symptoms and Signs in Clinical Medicine: An Introduction to Medical Diagnosis
Experimental Biochemistry
Experimental Surgery
The Dysenteric Disorders
A Textbook of Medicine
Manometric Methods: As Applied to the Measurement of Cell Respiration and Other Processes
Medical parasitology and Zoology
A Synopsis of Surgical Anatomy
Rose & Carless Manual of Surgery
The Foot
Pathology and Therapy of Rheumatic Fever
Elements of Medical Mycology
Psychosomatic Diagnosis
A Practice of Orthopedic Surgery