The Rorschach Test
Library Participation in the Teaching of Pharmacology
Requirements Versus Preparation for the Study of Medicine
The Role of the Southeastern Schools of Medicine in the National Distribution of Physicians
Teaching the Public Health Aspects of Syphilis Control
The Use of a Large Clinic to Teach History Writing to the Sophomore Students
A Surgical Elective Course for Senior Medical Students
An Aid in Instructing Students in Medical Bibliography
Report of Twelve Months' Operation of the Distributing Center for Parasitological Specimens
Postwar Education for Service Personnel
Annual Admissions After October, 1945
Medical Colleges Admitting a Second Class in the Fall of 1944
A Challenge to Higher Education
Licensure Statistics
The Present Freshman Class
Program for the Detroit Meeting
Archie S. Woods
Archie S. Woods
Archie S. Woods
William S. Elkin
Implications of the Army and Navy Programs for Higher Education
College News
General News
Sternal Puncture: A Method of Clinical and Cytological Investigation
Forsdike’s Texabook of Gynaecology
The Psychology of Women: A Psychoanalytic Interpretation
The American Illustrated Medical Dictionary
Hackh’s Chemical Dictionary
Minor Surgery
Clinical Urology
One Hundred Years of American Psychiatry
Medical Diagnosis: Applied Physical Diagnosis
The International Bulletin for Medical Research and Public Hygiene: Vol. A44: Poliomyelitis
Aesculapius in Latin America
Functional Disorders of the Foot
Virus Diseases in Man, Animal and Plant
The Electrocardiogram: Its Interpretation and Clinical Application
Intracranial Arterial Aneurysms
Dental Treatment of Maxillo-Facial Injuries
Medical Education in the United States Before the Civil War
The Analysis and Interpretation of Symptoms
Artificial Pneumothorax in Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Fundamentals of Psychiatry
Textbook of Gynecology
Practical Malaria Control
Principles and Practice of Inhalation Therapy
Principles and Practice of Ophthalmic Surgery