Postwar Medical Education
Graduate Medical Education in the Postwar Period
Intern Selection: Wanted, An Orderly Plan
Possible Methods for Remedying the Chaos Surrounding Intern Appointments
The Future of Medical Education in Great Britain
A Students’ Unit Medical Laboratory
Again, the Intern Problem
Postwar Medical Education
Essential Faculty Members
Massachusetts Approving Authority
U. S. Navy Action on Internships
Reduction in the Medical Corps of the Army
College News
General News
Modern Clinical Syphilology: Diagnosis, Treatment, Case Study
The Art of Resuscitation
Interns Handbook: A Guide, Especially in Emergencies, for the Intern and the Physician in General Practice
Physiology in Health and Disease
A Method of Anatomy: Descriptive and Deductive
Manual of Human Cross Section Anatomy
Soldier to Civilian: Problems of Readjustment
Proteins and Amino Acids: Physiology, Pathology, Therapeutics
Synopsis of Clinical Laboratory Methods
Control of Pain in Childbirth
Lectures on Diseases of Children
Practical Anesthetics
Combined Textbook of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Personal Mental Hygiene
American Medical Practice: In the Perspectives of a Century
Medical Uses of Soap: A Symposium
Aids to Orthopedic Surgery