Deceleration of the Teaching Program
Deceleration of the Teaching Program
Partial Acceleration of the Medical Program
A Plan for Postgraduate Refresher Courses
Medical Education in Wartime
Report of Committee on Postgraduate Education Southwestern Medical College
School of Hygiene's Wartime Job
Supply of Students for 1946
Small Town Medical Practice
Again the Internship
Analysis of Medical Students in Their Relation to Selective Service
College News
General News
Internal Medicine: Its Theory and Practice
Modern Methods of Amputation
Essentials of Allergy
Approved Laboratory Technic
Anatomy: As a Basis for Medical and Dental Practice
Duodenal and Jejunal Peptic Ulcer: Technic of Resection
Clinical Case Taking: Guides for the Study of Patients
Manual of Clinical Mycology
An Introduction to Animal Biology
The March of Medicine
Laboratory Manual for Elementary Physiology
The Reticulo-Endothelial System in Sulfonamide Activity
The Pathology of Internal Diseases
The Story of a Hospital: The Neurological Institute of New York, 1909-1938
Microbiology and Pathology
Clinical Heart Disease
Medicolegal Blood Group Determination: Theory, Technique, Practice