Appointment and Tenure of Faculty of Professorial Rank
What the Educator Thinks the Ideal Medical Curriculum Should Be
Tradition — The Rivet in the Curriculum
Embryology in the Medical Curriculum
Distribution of Medical College Students by Residence
The Challenge to Pharmacology
The Army Specialized Training Program
The 9-9-9 Program
University of the Philippines College of Medicine
Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Animal Experimentation in Biological, Medical and Dental Research and Teaching
College News
Rorschach's Test: II. A Variety of Personality Pictures
A Manual of Surgical Anatomy
Pathology of Tropical Diseases
A Textbook of Surgery
Human Embryology: Prenatal Development of Form and Function
The Herbal of Rufinus
A Synopsis of the Diagnosis of the Surgical Diseases of the Abdomen
Mitchell-Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics
Clinical Application of the Rorschach Test
Laboratory Outline of General Biology
Atlas of Surgical Approaches to Bones and Joints
Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear, Including Bronchoscopy and Esophagoscopy