Final Report of the Committee on the Teaching of Tropical Medicine of the Association of American Medical Colleges
The Program of Premedical Training at Vanderbilt University
Graduate Training in Ophthalmology
The Place of Neurology in the Medical Firmament
The Future of Medical Education
Report of Committee on Promotion of Medical Research
The Borden Company Foundation, Inc.
Financing a Medical School
Licensure Statistics
Meeting Place for 1946
The Borden Award Foundation
College News
General News
A Bibliography of Infantile Paralysis: With Selected Abstracts and Annotations
Synopsis of Gynecology: Based on the Textbook, “Diseases of Women”
Synopsis of Pathology
Preoperative and Postoperative Treatment
Cornell Conferences on Therapy. Vol. I
Exercises in Electrocardiographic Interpretation
Electrocardiography in Practice
Electrocardiography: Including an Atlas of Electrocardiograms
Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis
Water Treatment and Purification
The Improvement of Teaching Education
A History of Medicine
Men Without Guns
A Textbook of the Practice of Medicine
A B C of Medical Treatment
Renal Diseases
A Textbook of Bacteriology and Immunology
New Drugs
Human Embryology
The Principles and Practice of Tropical Medicine
The Management of Fractures, Dislocations and Sprains
A Manual of Tuberculosis
Synopsis of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Diseases of the Skin
Skin Diseases: Nutrition and Metabolism
A Textbook of Gynecology
The Early Diagnosis of Acute Abdomen
Narcotics and Drug Addiction
Through the Stratosphere: The Human Factor in Aviation
Medical Services by Government; Local, State and Federal
The Modern Attack on Tuberculosis