Report of the Committee on Audiovisual Aids
The Basis for Teaching Social and Environmental Factors in Medicine in the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum
Some Aspects of the Clinical Teaching of the Social and Environmental Factors in Medicine
State Funds in Support of Medical Education
The Place of Preventive Medicine in the Curriculum
The Integration of Teaching Content and Methods
Future of Medical Education
Council on Medical Education and Hospitals American Medical Association
Committee on Personnel Practices
Audiovisual Education
Evaluation of Foreign Credentials
Criticism of Teaching Methods
U. S. Army Board on Nutrition
The 1947 Meeting
Dr. Victor Johnson
College News
A Synopsis of Surgical Anatomy
An Introduction to Biological Chemistry
Synopsis of Operative Surgery
Urotubal Insufflation
Practical Anaesthetics
Fundamentals of Clinical Neurology
Therapeutic Exercise
Principles and Practice of Obstetrics
Bone and Bones: Fundamentals of Bone Biology
Mental Mischief and Emotional Conflicts: Psychiatry and Psychology in Plain English
Handbook of Correctional Psychology
The Head, Neck and Trunk Muscles and Motor Points
Obstetrical Practice
The Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America
Bacteriology: Laboratory Directions for Pharmacy Students
A Laboratory Manual of Physiological Chemistry
A Course in Practical Biochemistry
Proceedings of the Conference on Preventive Medicine and Health Economics
Recent Advances in Clinical Pathology