Pregnancy in Three Dimensional Transparency
The Application of Electrical Recording Methods to the Student Laboratory for Physiology and Pharmacology
The Teaching of Preventive Medicine
Transition in Medical Education
The Teaching of Psychiatry
A Note on a Course in Applied Laboratory Diagnosis
The Humanities in the College Program
Teaching on Nutrition
Premedical Education
Licensure Statistics
Medical Education in Mississippi
Eben J. Carey
Call for Professors Emeriti
Survey of Medical Schools
John H. Musser: Wm. S. Middleton
College News
General News
A Textbook of Medicine
Diseases of the Chest
Physician’s Handbook
The Principles and Practice of Medicine
English-Spanish Chemical and Medical Dictionary
Textbook of Medicine
Surgical Pathology
Gynecology: With a Section on Female Urology
Diseases of Metabolism: Detailed Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment
Peripheral Vascular Diseases (Angiology)
Rehabilitation Through Better Nutrition
A Textbook of Pathology
Biological Symposia Volume XII: Estimation of the Vitamins
Buchanan’s Manual of Anatomy
Clinical Pediatrics
Penicillin Therapy: Including Streptomycin, Tyrothricin and Other Antibiotic Therapy
Atlas of Histopathology of the Skin