Medical Education and Medical Licensure in Peru
Education for the Professions
The Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York
Anatomy in the Changing Medical World
The Law of Agency in the Practice of Physical Medicine : Its Educational Implications
Postgraduate Courses for British Doctors
How Much Time Should Be Allotted to the Teaching of Health Economics
The Education of the Doctor in Social and Moral Responsibility
Ewen M. MacEwen
The Borden Award for 1947
Cecil U. ( or N.?) Dunlap: Warning
Sun Valley Meeting
Association of American Medical Colleges Officers: For 1947-1948
Fellowships, Funds and Prizes Pamphlet
History of the Association of American Medical Colleges
Application Study for 1948
Liaison Officers from Government Medical Services
The Veterans Administration
ROTC Units in Medical Schools
Veterans Administration Program
College News
General News
Internal Medicine in General Practice
Communal Sick Care in the German Ghetto
The Diagnosis and Treatment of Diarrheal Diseases
Psychopathology: A Survey of Modern Approaches
Physikalische Medizin in Diagnosrik and Therapic
Hospital Care in the United States
Introduction to Medical Psychology
Man's Manual of Diseases of the Eye
Symptoms and Signs in Clinical Medicine: An Introduction to Medical Diagnosis
Infant Nutrition: A Textbook of Infant Feeding
A Handbook of Ocular Therapeutics
Physical Fitness Appraisal and Guidance
Rypin's Medical Licensure Examinations
The American Illustrated Medical Dictionary
Elementary Medical Physics
Endoskopie Der Harnroehre: Diagnostik and Therapie
The Practical Nurse
A Concise Comparative Anatomy
Textbook of Zoology
Communicable Diseases
Morphologic Hematology (Special Issue No. 1 of BLOOD, Journal of Hematology)
Handbook of Psychiatry
Textbook of the Nervous System: A Foundation for Clinical Neurology
Essentials of Pharmacology
Synopsis of Obstetrics
Fatigue and Impairment in Man
Diagnostic Bacteriology
Gifford's Textbook of Ophthalmology
Practical Clinical Psychiatry
Essentials of Prescription Writing
Fundamentals of Neurology
Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Prescription Writing
A Textbook of Bacteriology
Endogenous Endocrinotherapy Including the Causal Cure of Cancer
The Selected Writings of Benjamin Rush
Plague: Lacnnec (1782-1826), inventor of the stethoscope and father of modern medicine
Calcific Disease of the Aortic Valve
Fundamentals of Psychiatry
Surgery of the Ambulatory Patient
Pharmaceutical Laboratory Manual