The Association of American Medical Colleges
The Aims and Purposes of Medical Education
Medical Manpower
Comments made at Hearing Before the New York State Commission on the Need for a State University
The Private Practice of Surgery in University Hospitals
Responsibilities of the Medical School in the Training of Physical Therapists
A Study of “Score Faking” on a Medical Interest Test
The Borden Award
College Year in Mexico
Committee on Internships and Residencies, Regional Divisions (December, 1947)
Anent Questionnaires
Percy T. Magan
Liaison Officers from Government Medical Services
College News
General News
A Textbook of Clinical Neurology: With an Introduction to the History of Neurology
The Human Race
History of Medicine
Bacteriology for Medical Students and Practitioners
The A B C of Acid-Base Chemistry
Illustrations of Regional Anatomy
Cornell Conferences on Therapy. Vol. II
Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear
Nursing in Modern Society
Diseases of the Nervous System
Synopsis of Neuropsychiatry
The Oculorotary Muscles
The Clinical Examination of the Nervous System
Unipolar Lead Electrocardiography
An Atlas of Anatomy
A Primer of Cardiology
The Foot and Ankle: Their Injuries, Diseases, Deformities and Disabilities
Poisons: Their Isolation and Identification
Surgical Disorders of the Chest: Diagnosis and Treatment
Los Angeles County Hospital House Staff Manual
Catalogue of the Muetter Museum of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Philadelphia. Part I
Teaching Psychotherapeutic Medicine: An Experimental Course for General Physicians
General Psychology: Principles and Practice
Textbook of Human Physiology
Stereoscopic Atlas of Neuroanatomy
400 Years of a Doctor’s Life
American Medical Research: Past and Present
Biology for Medical Students
Emotional Maturity: The Development and Dynamics of Personality
Handbook of Fractures
Textbook of General Surgery
Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics: Survey for 1941-1946
Letheon: The Cadenced story of Anesthesia
Recent Advances in Pathology