Some Impacts of the Specialty Board Movement on Medical Education
Basic Science Requirements for Specialty Certification
Graduate and Postgraduate Medical Education
Medical Responsibility for Training in Clinical Psychology
Biophysics in Medical Education
An Experience With a Laboratory Project Program in the Teaching of Pharmacology
The Group Clinic : An Experiment With the Group Practice Principle in a Large Metropolitan Teaching Dispensary
The British Medical Research Council
Basic Medical Training in Britain
A Method for Teaching the Emotional and Social Aspects of Preventive Medicine
The 1948 Meeting Place
Science and the Other Humanities
William Pepper
The Borden Award
Application Cards
Fellowships for Study of Tuberculosis
MacEwen Memorial Fund
Feterans’ Administration
The Questionnaire
National Health Assembly
Eagles in the Sky
Markle Foundation Scholars in Medical Science
Survey on Medical Education
Donald B. Tresidder
Wade W. Oliver
Schering Award for 1948
College News
Aids to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of Children
Manual of Clinical Therapeutics
A Textbook of Mental Deficiency (Amentia)
A Manual of Pharmacology and Its Application to Therapeutics and Toxicology
Applied Medical Bacteriology
Minor Surgery
A Textbook of Pathology: An Introduction to Medicine
Illustrative Electocardiography
Modern Treatment of Gastric Ulcer
Textbook of Embryology
Biochemistry for Medical Students
Histopathologic Technic
Diagnosis of Uterine Cancer by the Vaginal Smear
Sexual Behavior in the Human Male
Public Health Administration in the United States
Gynecologic and Obstetric Urology
American Pharmacy
Brief Psychotherapy
Related Form and Biological Problems
Laboratory Experiments in Physiology
Communicable Disease Control
The Epithelia of Woman’s Reproductive Organs: A Correlative Study of Cyclic Changes
Psychological Atlas
Introduction to Human Physiology