The Discovery of Medical Talent
Selection of Medical Students
The Personal Interview in the Selection of Medical Students
The Professional Aptitude Test, 1947 A Preliminary Evaluation
Rural General Practice in Groups
Relationship Between Success in the Study of Medicine and Certain Psychological and Personal Data
Public Health Training and Research in Britain
The Flood of Questionnaires
Another Call to Arms
Study of Applicants for Admission to Medical Schools
Survey of Medical Education
World Health Organization
“The Worm Turns”
College News
General News
Psychiatry for the Pediatrician
Source Book of Orthopaedics
Laboratory Technique in Biology and Medicine
Headache and Other Head Pains
Pathological Histology
Foundations of Neuropsychiatry
Physiology of Exercise
Encyclopedia of Medical Sources
Understandable Psychiatry
Problems of Hospital Administration
Practical Methods of Biochemistry
Clinical Diagnosis by Laboratory Methods
The Acute Bacterial Diseases: Their Diagnosis and Treatment
Textbook of Gynecology
Psychabiology and Psychiatry
Human Physiology
Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology
Glomerular Nephritis
Treatment in General Practice
Endogenous Endocrinotherapy Including the Causal Cure of Cancer Compendium
Surgical Applied Anatomy