Dr. Fred C. Zapffe
Medical.Education As Seen from the Sidelines
A Method for the Curriculum Integration of Audiovisual Aids in Preventive Medicine and Public Health
A New Approach to Medical Flims
A Method of Measuring the Completeness of a Medical Library and an Example of Its Application
Objectives and Rewards
General Semantics and the Practice of Medicine
An Analysis of Factors Influencing Student Success or Failure in the Medical School
Uniform Intern Placement Plan for 1949
Talk Given by Brigadier General G. E. Armstrong, Deputy Surgeon General, Before Association of American Medical Colleges, at White Sulphur Springs, West Virgin, Novemba 8–10, 1948
Survey of Medical Education
The Intern Shortage
Federal Aid far Psychiatry Training
The Borden Award
The Production and Use of Medical visual Aids
College News
Chicago Medical School
Refraction of the Eye
The Clinical Apprentice, A Guide for Student of Medicine
Textbook of Anatomy and Physiology
Education for Professional Responsibility
Elementary Anesthesia
Online of Histology
Commonsence Pychimtry of Dr. Adolph Mayor
Magic in a Bottle
The Case of Agustus D'este
The Case Against Socailised Medicine : A Construction Analysis of the Atempt to Collective Americas Medicine
Technic of Medication
Medical Statistics from Grannt to Farr
Textbook of Genifourinary Surgery
Control of Pain in Childhood
Bacterail and Mycotic Infections of Max
Drug Research and Development
Hygiems : Mammal of public Health
Atlas of Human Anatomy: Descriptive and Regional
A. M. A. Intras Masal