Opportunities in the Teaching of Preventive Medicine
A Formula To Determine the Cost of Research
A Format For Medical School Catalogs
Teaching Psychotherapy to Medical Students
Check Studies on the Predictive Value of the Medical College Admission Test
A Short Answer Type of Examination in a Course on Preventive Medicine and Public Health in a College of Medicine
Britain's Medical Research Council
Report of the National Society for Medical Research
Preliminary Report of Applicants for Admission to U. S. Medical Colleges—Entering Class of September 1949
ROTC Clinical Clerkshins-1950
Licensure Statistics for 1949
Conference on Audio-Visual Aids in Teaching of Cardiovascular Diseases
Anent Accepted Applicants by Medical Schools
AAMC 1950 Meeting
G. I. Students in 1949–1950 Freshman Class
Yale University School of Medicine
University of Illinois College of Medicine
New York University-Bellevue Medical Center
Cornell University Medial College
Northwestern University Medical College
Tulane University of Louisiana School of Medicine
Ohio State University College of Medicine
Western Reserve University School of Medicine
University of Buffalo School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health
State University of New York Medical Center at New York College of Medicine
University of Rochester School of Medicine
University of Wisconsin Medical School
Albany Medical College
Emory University School of Medicine
Bowman Gray School of Medicine
University of the Philippines College of Medicine
University of Kansas School of Medicine
Dr. Proud to Head Department
University of Minnesota Medical School
University of Chicago School of Medicine
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
Woman's Medical College
George Washington University School of Medicine
Grorgetown University School of Medicine
University of South Dakota School of Medicine
Chicago Medical School
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Medical College of Virginia
University of Nebraska College of Medicine
University of Miami
University of Oklahoma School of Medicine
Medical College State of South Carolina
University of Mississippi School of Medicine
University of Washington School of Medicine
University of Southern California School of Medicine
Life Insurance Medical Research Fund
The Fulbright Program
New Medical School in Argentina
Buffalo Endorses Medical Research
U. S. Navy Internships for 1931 Graduates
Scholarships for Cerebral Palsy Training
Fellowship in Dermal Pathology
American College of Physicians Research Fellowships
American Heart Association Career Investigators
American Association of Blood Banks
American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
Plastic Surgery Award
U. S. Public Health Service
Scholarships fur Medical Library Students
Methods in Medical Research : Vol. II
Woman's Surgeon
Bridges' Food and Beverage Analysis
Annual Review of Medicine : Vol. I
Annual Review of Physiology : Vol. XII. 1950
Medical Physics : Vol. II
Manual of the International Clarification of Diseases and Injuries and Causes of Death : Vols. I & II
Color Psychology and Color Therapy : A Factual Study of the Influence of Color on Human Life
Handbook of Physical Medicine-and Rehabilitation
Postgraduate Gastroenterology
Patent Practice and Management : For Inventors and Executives
Harvey dishing : Surgeon; Author; Artist
Textbook of Endocrinology
Penicillin : Its Practical Application
Simplified Chemistry Experiments
Current Therapy
The Ethical Basis of Medical Practice
Coagulation, Thrombosis and Dicumarol
A Primer for Diabetic Students
A Textbook of Psychiatry for Students and Practitioners