Maintenance of a Continuing Supply of New Faculty Members
Health Legislation and the Shortage of Physicians
A Domiciliary Medical Care Program as an Integrated Facility in the Medical Curriculum
Teaching the Anatomy of the Nerve Supply of the Abdominal Digestive Tract A Critical Summary for the Medical Student
Medical College Admission Test
Modification of Cooperative Plan for Appointment of Interns
A Proposal for Supplementing the Cooperative Plan for Appointment of Interns
Financing Medical Education
The Lake Placid Meeting
Medical Education
Physicians Entering on General Practice
Medical Education in the United States and Canada
Survey on Medical Education
The Borden Award
University of Kansas School of Medicine
University of Texas Medical Branch
University of North Carolina School of Medicine
New York University-Bellevue Medical Center
Medical College of Georgia
University of Illinois College of Medicine
University of Minnesota Medical School
University of South Dakota School of Medical Sciences
University of Tennessee College of Medicine
Woman's Medical College
University of Buffalo School of Medicine
Washington University School of Medicine
Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Chicago Medical School
University of Virginia Department of Medicine
University of Nebraska College of Medicine
Wayne University College of Medicine
George Washington University School of Medicine
Bowman Gray School of Medicine
University of California Medical Center
Emory University School of Medicine
Loyola University, Stretch School of Medicine
Northwestern University Medical College
University of Colorado Department of Medicine
New York Post-Graduate Medical School
University of Louisville School of Medicine
University of Wisconsin Medical School
Duke University School of Medicine
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
University of Michigan Medical School
Tulane University of Louisiana School of Medicine
University of British Columbia Facility of Medicine
Medical College of the State of South Carolina
University of California Medical School at Los Angeles
New York Medical College
Markle Foundation Grants
The Mississippi Plan
Joseph Collins Foundation
Fellowship in Industrial Health
U. S. Public Health Service Examination for Psychologist
American College of Physicians
Fellowships in Public Health
Medical Internships, U. S. Public Health Service
Health Resources Advisory Committee
Muscular Dystrophy Research Foundation
Principles of Internal Medicine
Thoracic Surgery
Freud : Dictionary of Psychoanalysis
Essentials of Ophthalmology
Handbook of Physiology and Biochemistry
Medical Parasitology
Management of Obstetric Difficalties
A Guide to Psychiatric Books : With a Suggested Basic Reading List
Clinical Electrocardiography
Textbook of Bacteriology
Textbook of Abnormal Psychology
An Atlas of Human Anatomy
Eyes and Industry (Formerly Industrial Ophthalmology)
Pathologic Physiology : Mechanisms of Disease
Physiology and Anatomy
The Legacy of Maimonidcs
Textbook of Histology
The Meaning and Practice of Psychotherapy
An Introduction to Pathology
McClung's Handbook of Microscopical Technique
The Physician Examines the Bible