Insight into Jordanian Thinking About HIV: Knowledge of Jordanian Men and Women About HIV Prevention
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The Cochrane Collaboration and Evidence-based Practice: Where the Art and Science of HIV Nursing Meet
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Dualities of Living With HIV/HCV Co-Infection: Patients' Perspectives From Those who are Ineligible for or Nonresponsive to Treatment
Impact of Hepatitis C Treatment Initiation on Adherence to Concomitant Medications
Smoking-Cessation Interventions in People Living With HIV Infection: A Systematic Review
Listening to Those Who are Living With HIV and Tobacco Dependence and Exploring Their Health Care Context
Cardiovascular Risk-Factor Knowledge and Risk Perception Among HIV-Infected Adults
Integrating Routine HIV Screening Into a Primary Care Setting in Rural North Carolina
Cardiac Biomarkers in Persons With HIV Infection: A Review of the Literature
A Feasibility Study of Motivational Interviewing for Health Risk Behaviors Among Thai Youth Living With HIV
Perceived Likelihood of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infection Acquisition Among Men Who Have Sex With Men