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During CO observations of new Southern objects with the 15-m SEST mm telescope (Cerro La Silla, Chile) we have found that the globule connected with the object CLN127-128 rotates with an angular velocity 4.3 · 10-14 s-1, which corresponds to the velocity of extremely fast rotating globules. The object CLN127-128 is a chain of three stars; two of them are connected with bright nebulae, and the third is a suspected Herbig Ae/Be star. All three stars are bright in near IR, which is specific for the existence of circumstellar shells (or disks) around them. The specific angular momentum of the globule confirms that it is in virial equilibrium. Besides the finding of a rotating globule, CO observations suggest the presence of a blue-shifted outflow from CLN127-128 with a velocity of −1.1 km/s (in the system connected with the globule).

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