List of Participants
Circumstellar PAHs and Carbon Stardust
ISO LWS Observations of Evolved Stars and Nebulae
ISO-SWS Spectra of AGB Stars
Molecules in Envelopes Around AGB-Stars
Shocks in the Radio Photospheres of Long Period Variables Stars
Silicon and Sulphur in the Inner Envelope of IRC+10216
Maser Mapping and Dust Properties of Red Supergiant Winds
Chemical Evolution from the AGB to the Planetary Nebula Phase
Circumstellar Molecular Spectra Towards Evolved Stars
Disks Around Post-Main Sequence Binaries
Dust Shells Around Carbon Mira Variables
Variability of Circumstellar Emission from Dust Envelopes Around Carbon Stars
Circumstellar Dust Condensation Scenarios
UIR Bands in Carbon Star Spectra
Non-Spherical Dust Grains in the Envelopes of Late-Type Giants
Modeling the Long-Term Evolution of Dusty Outflow Outflows of AGB-Stars
Observations of Shells Around µ CEP & CRL2688, and About Episodic Mass Loss
IR-Colors for Models of Post-AGB Evolution
Variation of Silicate Dust Features with Phase
Formation of Dust Grains in Circumstellar Envelopes of Oxygen-Rich AGB Stars
Grain Formation in Atmospheres of Cool Dwarfs
Observations and Modelling of Spectral Energy Distributions of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars
Backwarming Effect of Molecular Opacities on the Infrared Colours of Very Cool White Dwarfs
Modelling the Dust Envelope in Symbiotic Systems
Radiative Transfer in a Turbulent Expanding Molecular Envelope
OH Maser Lines Variability of Miras
Observations of HCCNC and HNCCC in IRC+10216
Modelling Software for Dust Processes
A Compact Circumstellar Dust Envelope of an Evolved AGB Star IRC-10529
Dust Features of Visually Bright AGB Variables as Seen by ISO and IRAS
A Model for the Variability of SIO Masers in Mira Variables
Formation of Small Iron Clusters in Circumstellar Envelopes
Polarization of Evolved Stars Envelopes
A Simulation for a Planetary Nebular Plasma
Terminal Outflow Velocities from the Mass-Losing AGB Stars
Molecules in Circumstellar Envelopes of Carbon Stars
Stars with Cool Dusty Disks
Synthetic Spectra of Long-Period Variables
1.3 mm Plateau de Bure Observations of IRC+10216
Mid-IR Imaging and Modelling of AGB Circumstellar Envelopes
Carbon-Bearing Molecules in Oxygen-Rich Circumstellar Envelopes
Effects of Dust on the Propagation of Shock Waves in Circumstellar Envelopes of Late-Type Variable Stars
Models of Circumstellar Maser in Late-Type Variable Stars
On the Molecular Line Absorption in the Li I Doublet 6708 Å Region for Evolved Star Atmospheres
Detection of the Far-IR Pumping Lines for OH Masers
Molecules in Boundary Layers in Planetary Nebulae
Carbon Chemistry in Oxygen-Rich Circumstellar Envelopes
Simulating H2O Maser Emission in the Mass Outflows from Evolved Stars
Detection of C2 and C3 Absorption in Two Post-AGB Objects IRAS 22272+5435 and CIT 6
Dust and Molecules in Nova Environments
Dust Evolution in Nova Cassiopeia 1993
Physical Properties of Wolf-Rayet Winds
Formation of Dust in Hostile Environments — What We Learn from Observing Wolf-Rayet Stars
Dust in Hydrogen-Poor Stellar Winds, from Theory to Observations
V 439 CYG, The Red Star that Became Blue
The Origin of the Nebulae Surrounding Luminous Blue Variable Stars
Dust from Supernovae
Molecules and Dust in Supernovae
A Search for CO J = 2 → 1 Emission from the Metal Rich Globular Cluster NGC 6356
Dust Formation Chemistry in Carbon-Rich Wolf-Rayet Winds
Indexes Of Objects