Dense Z-Pinches
Computational Simulation of Plasmas
Plasma Physics in Astronomy and Cosmology
Advances in Numerical Modeling of Astrophysical and Space Plasmas
Plasma Kinetic Theory I
Plasma Collective Effects in the Presence of Dust
Shock Structures in Plasmas Containing Variable-Charge Macro Particles
Review of Inertial Confinement Fusion
A New Approach to Icf
Hohlraum Targets Driven by Cluster Ion Beams for Inertial Confinement Fusion
The Interaction Physics of the Fast Ignitor Concept
Charge Compensated Ion Beam Propagation in a Reactor Sized Chamber
Sawtooth Instability in Tokamak Plasmas
Important Issues of Physics of Improved Confinement in Tokamaks
Rotation of Tokamak Plasmas by Alfvén Waves
Anisotropic Magnetic Confinement. Applications to Field-Reversed Configurations
Energy Exhaust from Tokamaks
Improved Approximated Solutions to the Nonlinear Debye Potential
Nonlinear Processes in Lower-Hybrid Current Drive and Plasma Heating
Entropy and Entropy Production in Transition from Weak to Strong Turbulent Plasma State
Plasma Kinetic Theory II
Nonlinear Electric Field Diffusion in Plasmas
Mhd Leaky Waves in a Layered Plasma
Mhd Leaky Waves in a Layered Plasma
Mhd Leaky Waves in a Layered Plasma
Growth Rates of Envelope Modulations of Electromagnetic Waves in Relativistic Temperature Electron-Positron Plasmas, Stimulated by Weak Or Finite Phonon Damping
Electromagnetic Oscillations in Cylindrical Plasmas with Electron Beams Interactions
Uv Line Profiles of Biv from a 10-Ps Krf-Laser-Produced Plasma
Experimental Analysis of Hydrodynamic Solitons
Pre-Breakdown Processes in the Hollow Cathode Region of a Transient Hollow Cathode Discharge
Rapid Reconnection and Compressible Plasma Waves
New Calculation of the Electrical Microfield Distribution in Plasma
Analytical Approximant of the Universal Line Shape
Spectral Study of Ionized Xenon Using a Capillary Pulsed Discharge
On the Thermochemical Instability of an Ionized Plasma Cooled by Oxygen Forbidden Lines
Space Charge Potentials in Cylindrical Geometries Including Temperature Effects
Cme Phenomenology in Different Solar Magnetic Scenarios
On the Thermochemical Instability of Optically Thin Plasmas
Nonlinear Evolution of Thermal Structures. Numerical Approach
On the Nonlinear Thermal Evolution of Solar Corona Structures
Photo-Ionizing Flash as a Trigger for Efficient H2 Cooling in Metal-Free Clouds
Thermal Instability for Convection in Astrophysical Plasmas
Parametric Decay of a Circularly Polarized Electromagnetic Wave in an Electron-Positron Magnetized Plasma
New System of Coordinates for Tokamaks
Rotation of Weakly Collisional Plasmas in Tokamaks, Operated with Alfvén Waves
Current Drive by Alfvén Waves in Elongated Cross Section Tokamak
Feedback Stabilization of Burn Conditions in a Thermonuclear Reactor Using Artificial Neural Networks
Effect of Induced Toroidal Rotation on Poloidal Rotation and Ion Heat Conductivity of Tokamak Edge Plasmas
Low-Angle Thomson Scattering Experiment for Determination of Plasma Electron Density and Temperature
Gas Embedded Compressional Z-Pinch in H2 and D2
Investigation of Variation of Focus Action with the Length of the Inner Electrode for a Plasma Focus
Numerical Study of the First Compression of a Two-Dimensional Pinch
2-D Code for Simulating a Hollow Gas Puff Z-Pinch
Optical Measurements in an Exploding Wire Experiment
Studies of Plasma Dynamics in a Small Plasma Focus Operating in Hydrogen-Argon Mixtures
Time Resolved Studies of a Pulsed Hollow Cathode Capillary Discharge
Current Sheath Studies in a Small Plasma Focus Operating in Hydrogen–argon Mixtures
Hard X-Ray Diagnostic of Z-Pinch Discharges
Thermal Decomposition of Ilmenite in a Non-Transferred Arc Thermal Plasma Flow Reactor
Spatial and Temporal Behavior of a Laser Generated Titanium Plasma
Ion-Gas Interaction in a Vacuum Arc At Intermediate Pressures
Correlation Between the Population of Active Species in Low Pressure Plasmas and Their Reactions with Organic Compounds
Spectral Broadening of the 3463 å Line in a Zirconium Plasma Generated by Laser Irradiation
A Compact High-Voltage Pulse Generator for Plasma Applications
Laser Ablation in the Synthesis of Zirconium Oxide