CCD Photometry of the δ Scuti star FG Virginis During the 1995 Multi-Site Campaign
Cosmological Axially-Symmetric Viscous Fluid Interacting with the Gravitational Field
Spectroscopic Orbit of the Eclipsing Binary AI Draconis
A Planar Case of the n + 1 Body Problem
B-D Field Interaction with the Gravitation Field in the Robertson-Walker Universe Filled With Perfect Fluid
New Elements for Three Eclipsing X-Ray Binary Systems
Synthetic Light-Curves of Some Eclipsing X-Ray Binary Systems
Response of a Disk Galaxy to a Satellite Galaxy in Elliptical Orbit
Character of the O–C Variation of Four W UMa Type Stars
Enhanced Star Formation in Seyfert 2 Galaxies
Acceleration by Magnetic Mirrors and Alfven Waves in Molecular Outflows
Gas-Phase Chemistry of the Star Forming Region W3 IRS4
List of Forthcoming Papers