Bianchi-II Rotating World
Orbits of a Charged Particle in a Skew Uniform Magnetic Field on Kerr Back Ground Geometry
Radiative and Free Convective Effects of a MHD Flow Through a Porous Medium Between Infinite Parallel Plates with Time-dependent Suction
Determination of the Physical Parameters of Binary Systems
Photospheric Magnetic Activity in a Proxy for the Young Sun
Compressive and Rarefactive Dust-acoustic Solitary Structures in a Magnetized Two-ion-temperature Dusty Plasma
An Invariable Point in the Energy Spectra of Non-Thermal Electrons of Solar Flares
Inflation in Bianchi type-IX Einstein-Cartan Cosmological Model
Carbon Abundance in Early B-Stars. I. NLTE Calculations for γ Peg.
Early Viscous Fluid Cosmological Model with Zero-Rest-Mass Scalar Fields
Quasar Hosts
List of Forthcoming Papers