List of Participants
Space Asteroseismology on Later-type Stars
Solar Rotation Inversions from Splittings and from A-Coefficients
COROT : Seismology of Stars
On the Diagnostic Properties of Low Degree Acoustic Modes
What We Have Learned from Helioseismology
The Effect of Solar Oscillations on Space Gravitational Wave Experiments
Helioseismic Constraints on the Solar Core
Line Profiles of Solar P-Modes
Detection of the Lower Boundary of Stellar Convective Envelopes from Seismic Data
Convective Overshooting and Mixing in Stellar Evolution
Non Linear Inversion for the Hydrostatic Structure of the Solar Interior
A Parametric Study of 3-D Simulation of Penetrative Convection
Steady Convection in Deep Compressible Layers
Helioseismic Constraints on Solar Structure and the Solar Neutrino Problem
Stellar Rotation and Activity : The Story of Solar-Type Stars
Rotation of T Tauri Stars Revisited
Stellar Tomography : Differential rotation and magnetic polarity patterns on rapidly rotating stars
Our New View of the Solar Corona from Yohkoh and Soho
EUV Spectral Variability and Non-Equilibrium Ionisation in the ‘Quiet’ Sun
Flare Activity of Visual Binary COU 14
X-ray Spectroscopy of Active Stars with ASCA and Bepposax
X-ray Variability and Rotation in the Pleiades Cluster
The Signatures of Structured Winds in T Tauri Stars
A T Tauri Star Database
T Tauri Stars : The X-ray Connection
A Deep X-ray Survey of the PMS Population of the Upper Sco-Cen Association
The Ultraviolet Variability of the T Tauri Stars
X Rays and UV Emission Lines in T Tauri Stars : Based on observations by IUE
Spectral Variability of T Tauri Stars in the Optical
Rapid Spectral Variability of DR Tau.
The Structure of the Shock Wave in the Case of an Accretion onto Low Mass Young Stars
Extended (15 × 6 AU) Hα Emission Around T Tau N
Balmer Line Profiles Variations in SU Aurigae from the Musicos 96 Multi-site Campaign
Is it Possible to Observe Radiation of Fuors Boundary Layer?
Near Infrared Lines as Diagnostics of Accretion in T Tauri Stars
M.H.D. Models for Stellar Winds
On the Source of Optical Variability and Outflow in Z CMA System
Models in T Tauri Stars Tested Through Hα
On the Eclipses in GW Ori Double System
The Evolution of Young Stars, Protostellar Jets & Bipolar Outflows - a Unification Scheme
Excitation of H2 in Stellar Outflows : Shocks Versus Fluorescence
Molecular Outflows from High-Mass Protostars
A Microwave Jet Inside the Rosette Nebula?
ISO-LWS Observations of the NGC7129 Star Forming Region
Supersonic Ambipolar Diffusion : Estimating the Magnetic Field Strength in Protostellar Outflows
Proper Motions of the H2O Masers in W49N : The Velocity Variance/Covariance Matrix
The Decay of Supersonic and Super-Alfvénic Turbulence in Star-Forming Clouds : The Spatial Distribution of Shocks
The “Seyfert-Like” Supernova SN 1997AB.
Chimneys and Worms in the Galaxy : 3D Numerical Modelling
The Influence of Mass Loss on the Eccentricity of Double Star Orbits
CO Cocktails : Stirred… But Not Shaken
The University of Porto Radio Spectrograph
After Dinner Poster Paper
Gamma-Ray Bursts : Where are We Now?
Axion-Dilaton Coupling and Gamma-Ray Bursts
Initial Data Set for Cosmology
On the Hypotheses of a New Model of Galaxy Formation
Recent Results on the Hubble Deep Field
Relativistic Motion on Kilo-Parsec Scales in Powerful Radio Sources
Recent Results on Active Galactic Nuclei
Soft X-ray Absorption in AGN Seen by Bepposax/LECS
The Active CD Galaxy of Abell 2390
The 200 mjy Subsample at 1.4 GHz
The Population of KPC-Scale Flat-Spectrum Radio Sources
What Do the CBR Fluctuations Tell Us?
CMB Angular Power Spectrum and the Cosmological Parameters
Constraning Ω0 with Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Observations
Inflation and the Cosmic Microwave Background
Structure Formation with Scalar Fields
Origin of Structure in SQC
Axially Symmetric Cosmological Models with Perfect Fluid and Cosmological Constant
Could the Observable Universe Be Inside of a Black Hole?
Quintessential Cosmology : Novel Models of Cosmological Structure Formation
Wiggly Cosmic Strings
Structure Formation Seeded by Cosmic Strings
Superconducting Strings and Magnetic Fields
The Promise of Structure Formation with Cosmic Strings in an Open Universe
Evolution of Superconducting Strings
Cosmic Strings with Self-Interacting HDM
Vortons : Dark Matter from Cosmic Strings
General Relativity as an Attractor to Scalar-Tensor Gravity Theories
High Redshift X-ray Clusters and Ω0
Non-Linear Gravitational Clustering Using the Zel'dovich Approximation
Measuring Time Delays for Gravitationally Lensed Variable Quasars
Gravitational Lenses and the Hubble Constant : Present and Future
List of Forthcoming Papers