Bifurcation Behaviors of the Core 3He Nuclear Reaction Diffusion System
Circumstellar Shells of the Mass-Losing Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars
Generalized Expanding and Shearing Anisotropic Bianchi Type I Magnetofluid Cosmological Model in General Relativity
Jeans Instability in Collisional Dusty Plasmas
Radial Velocities of Six Early Type Evolved Stars
Circularization of Binary Orbits
Selective Depletions and the Abundances of Molecules Used to Study Star Formation
IR-Colors for Models of Post-AGB Evolution
Determination of Optical Spectra by a Modified Kramers Kronig Integral
Low-Frequency Drift Wave Instabilities in a Magnetized Dusty Plasma
RKRV Potential Energy Curves, Dissociation Energies, γ-Centroids And Franck-Condon Factors Of YO, CrO, BN, ScO, SiO And AlO Molecules