String Cosmology in a Stationary Cylindrically Symmetric Space-Time
Nonlinear Drift-Alfvén Waves in Relativistically Hot Nonuniform Electron-Positron Plasmas
Transformation of the Extended Gamma Function Γ2,0 0,2[(B,X)] with Applications to Astrophysical Thermonuclear Functions*
Dynamical Properties of a Sample of Ellipticals
Momentum and Angular Momentum in the Expanding Universe
A Photometric Investigation of the Eclipsing System OO Aql
Exact Boltzmann-Gas Filled Bianchi Type V Space-Times
X-ray Observations of NGC 1097 and Nearby Quasars
Photospheric and Chromospheric Activity Associated with 3B Flare of February 27, 1992
List of Forthcoming Papers