The Evolution of Star-Forming Galaxies
Scientific Organizing Committee
List of Participants
Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts
Modelling the Growth of Dark-Matter Halos
Star Formation and Cosmological Simulations
Galaxy Disk Formation in Hierarchical Hydrodynamical Simulations
Analytical Modelling of Galaxy Formation
The Stabilizing Role of Stellar Bulges in Galaxy Disk Formation
Analysis of the Difference Light Curve of the Gravitational Mirage QSO 0957+561
The Castles Project
Identification and Study of Distant Galaxies Through Cluster Lenses
VLBA Monitoring of the QSO 3C 345
The Shape of the Blue/UV Continuum of B3-VLA Radio Quasars
PKS2250-41 and the Role of Jet Cloud Interactions in Powerful Radio Galaxies
Chemical Evolution in the Early Universe
QSO Lyman-Alpha Absorbers and Galaxy Halos
On the Nature of Damped LYα Systems
The Role of Cooling Flows in the Star Formation History of Central Cluster Galaxies
Turbulence and Magnetic Fields in Clusters of Galaxies
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Optimizing Results from Automatic Objective-Prism Surveys
Seyfert Galaxies
CCD Surface Photometry of Nearby Active Galaxies
Kinematics and Stellar Populations of Seyfert Galaxies
X-ray Observations of Active Galactic Nuclei in the Cosmological Context
A Method for Obtaining the Nuclear Component in Active Galaxies
Spectroscopy of the Extended Emission Line Region in NGC 4388
Blue Compact Galaxies at Redshifts Z=0.2-1.3
The Starburst Properties of the Interacting System Arp 299 (IC 694 + NGC 3690)
Spectrophotometric Analysis of HII Regions in NGC 4258
Star Formation in Circumnuclear Rings
Functional and Physical Parameters of HII Galaxies
NIR Properties of the UCM Star-Forming Galaxies
Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies
Stellar Populations in Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies
Kinematics of Gas and Stars in Spiral Galaxies
Towards an Understanding of the λ4000Å Break Behaviour in Old Stellar Populations
Stellar α Elements Abundance Gradient in M33
Infrared Astrophysics in the Space with ISO
Temperature Fluctuations in Galactic HII Regions
Spectroscopic Study of the Cygnus Superbubble
Observations Towards Star Formation Regions
Far–Infrared CO Rotational Lines in the Orion Molecular Cloud
Distance Scales After Hipparcos
Calibration of the Classical Cepheid Period-Luminosity Relation from Hipparcos Data
The Absolute Magnitude of RR Lyraes
Radiative Transfer Under Inhomogeneous Configurations
Wind and Disk Diagnostics in PMS Stars. A Critical Analysis
Chromospheric Activity of Weak-Lined T Tauri Stars
The Age of Beta Pic Type Stars
Brown Dwarfs and Very Low Mass Stars
On the Ionization Structure of Circumstellar Disks Around Be Type Stars
The Most Luminous Stars in Our Galaxy
The Pistol Star
Spectroscopic Analysis of Stars in Cyg OB2
Radial Velocity Measurements with FXCOR
Stellar Winds and Mass Loss in A-Type Supergiants
Spectroscopic Survey of δ Sct Stars
Identification of λ Bootis Stars Using IUE Spectra
Libraries of High and Mid-Resolution Spectra of F, G, K, and M Field Stars
Multiwavelength Optical Observations of Chromospherically Active Binary Systems
Optical Classification of IRAS Post-AGB Candidates
Consequences of the Collision Between the Gas Ejected in the Collapse of a White Dwarf and a Low-Mass Star
Thermal Evolution of Neutron Stars
Standard Spectral Evolutionary Sequence for Type 1a Supernovae
CCD Photometry of Very Young Open Clusters
The Mass Function at the End of the Main Sequence
Astrometry and Photometry of Open Clusters
Submilliarcsecond Astrometry Over Large Sky Separations
High Precision Astrometry with VLBI
The Evershed Effect in Sunspots
3-D Helioseismology
Probing the Solar Subphotospheric Layers Using Ring Analysis
A New Observational Strategy to Search for Solar G-Modes
Centre-To-Limb Variation of the Solar Granulation
The Solar Rotation Rate Ω(R, θ)
An Overview of Saturn's Equatorial Storms
The EMIR Near-Infrared Multi-Object Spectrograph for GTC
An Optical Intermediate Dispersion Spectrograph for the GTC
Site-Testing Results at La Palma Observatory
Status and Results from the HEGRA Air Shower Experiment
Spanish Participation in the Millimeter Array
Dynamics and Control for a Small Telescope
Women in the History of Astronomy
Considerations on the Teaching and the Popularization of Cosmology
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