Magnetic Discontinuities from Field Topology
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Thoughts on Reconnection
Table 1 : List of Participants
Three-Dimensional Magnetic Reconnection in Astrophysical Plasmas – MHD Approach
Three-Dimensional Magnetic Reconnection in Astrophysical Plasmas – Kinetic Approach
The Darkest Regions of Solar Polar Coronal Holes Observed by SUMER on SOHO
Coronal Holes Versus Normal Quiet Sun Observed with SUMER
Cyclotron Heating of the Solar Corona
Heating the Solar Corona by Magnetic Reconnection
Solar Wind Acceleration by the Dissipation of Alfvén Waves
Plasma Heating by Forced Magnetic Reconnection
Evidence of Magnetic Reconnection in Solar Flares and a Unified Model of Flares
Observations of Flares and Active Regions from Yohkoh, and Magnetodynamic Models Explaining Them
Solar Flare Phenomena as Phase Transition Caused by Frustration of Current Percolation
Steady MHD Solutions for Collimated Winds
Magnetodynamic Formation of Jets in Accretion Process of Magnetized Mass onto the Central Gravitator — Cases of Forming Stars and Active Galactic Nuclei
Interstellar Dust in the Solar System
Shocks in Space Dusty Plasmas
Observations of Ions in Comets : A Contribution Towards Understanding the Comet-Solar Wind Interaction
Waves and Instabilities in Magnetized Dusty Plasmas
Observations of Electromagnetically Coupled Dust in the Jovian Magnetosphere
Dust Plasma Interactions at Jupiter
The Martian Magnetosphere - A Laboratory for Bi-Ion Plasma Investigations
Formation of Thin Current Sheets and Other Recent Developments in Magnetospheric Activity
Self-Organized Criticality, Multi-Fractal Spectra, and Intermittent Merging of Coherent Structures in the Magnetotail
Fracton Excitations as a Driving Mechanism for the Self-Organized Dynamical Structuring in the Solar Wind
Self-Generation of Magnetic Fields in Weakly Ionized Astrophysical Plasmas
Dynamo Dominated Accretion and Energy Flow : The Mechanism of Active Galactic Nuclei
Generation of Magnetic Field and Fast Particles During Collision of Electron-Positron Plasma Clouds
Coherent Emission in Astrophysics : A Critique
Radiation from Instabilities in Space Plasmas
Coherent Emission Mechanisms in Radio Pulsars
The Origin of Highest Energy Cosmic Rays and Cosmic Magnetic Fields
Cosmic Rays and Clusters of Galaxies
Cosmic Ray Nonlinear Processes in Space Plasma : Applications to the Dynamic Heliosphere
Recent Developments in Quasilinear Cosmic Ray Particle Acceleration Theories
Constraints on Particle Acceleration from the Extragalactic γ-Ray Background
Diffusive Shock Acceleration of Electrons at an Interplanetary Shock Observed on 21 Feb 1994
High Energetic Electrons Accelerated by a Coronal Shock Wave
The Injection, Acceleration, and Dynamical Influence of Interstellar Pickup Ions at the Solar Wind Termination Shock
Interplanetary Pick-Up Ion Acceleration : A Study of Anisotropic Phase-Space Diffusion
Dissipation, Ion Injection, and Acceleration in Collisionless Quasi-Parallel Shocks
Particle Acceleration at Comet Related Shock Surfaces
List of Forthcoming Papers
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