Part II : Galactic Dynamics
Galactic Fountains and Galactic Winds
Organizing Committees
List of Participants
A Search for Warm Neutral Gas Associated with the Giant HII Region NGC 604*
Part I : Introduction
Franz Daniel Kahn F.R.S. 1926–1998
Are HVCs Produced in Galactic Fountains?
Spiral Structure as a Recurrent Instability
The Influence of a Live Halo on the Bar Instability
Kinematics of Gould's Belt : Model and Observations
Objective Determination of Star Formation Histories
The Disruption of a Small Disc Galaxy by a Massive Elliptical
The Dynamics of Gas around Active Galactic Nuclei
Evolution of the Interstellar Gas in Elliptical Galaxies
Separation between Gould Belt and Disk Stars in the Solar Neighbourhood
Radiation Induced Dynamics of the Galactic Halo
The Pleiades Moving Group : Substructures and Evolution
The Velocity Field of Young Stars in the Solar Neighbourhood
Part III : Diffuse Matter
What Drives Molecular Outflows from Young Stars?
Studies of the ISM in the Vela Supernova Remnant
The Dynamics of Stellar Jets
Computational Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
Structure and Stability of Ionization Fronts
Some Recent Results on MHD Shocks and Winds
The Evolution of HII Regions
Morphology and Evolution of Galactic and Magellanic Cloud Planetary Nebulae
Evaporation and Condensation Processes of Giant Molecular Clouds in a Hot Plasma
The Fine Structures of Planetary Nebulae
Shaping of Planetary Nebulae by Dust Driven AGB Winds
Towards the Frequency and Evolutionary Timescale of Protoplanetary Disks*
Truncated Collimated Flows in Abell 30, Abell 78 and the Honeycomb Nebula
A pair of Chimneys in the Starburst Galaxy M82
Part IV : High Energy Phenomena
Cosmic Ray Production Rates in Supernova Remnants
Acceleration of a Young Supernova Remnant by an Associated Pulsar
Diffuse Galactic γ-rays : Constraining Cosmic-Ray Origin and Propagation
Non-Linear Amplification of a Magnetic Field Driven by Cosmic Ray Streaming
Pulsar Geometrodynamics : The Classical and Quantum Structure of the Stars
Centrifugal Forces and Optical Geometry in Neutron Stars
The Pulsar Magnetosphere
X-ray Emission Mechanisms of LINERS
Dusty Warm Absorbers : The Case of IRAS 13349+2438
The Exceptional X-Ray Properties of the NLSy1 Galaxy RX J0134.3-4258
2-D Numerical Simulation of the Ambipolar Filamentation of Turbulent Magnetic Fields
The Mysterious X-Ray Emission from Late-B Type Stars : the Lindroos Sample
List of Forthcoming Papers
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