1998 UBV Observations of st Aquarii and Light Curve Analysis
The Common Cutoff Energy of Non-Thermal Electrons with Power Law Distribution
Orbital Light Curve of the Peculiar Binary V Sagittae in Extended High States of Brightness*
Astrophysical Molecules AlD and CaH : Transition Probabilities and Dissociation Energy
Cosmological Post-Newtonian Approximation in Flat Space-Time Theory of Gravitation
Fine Time Structures in Solar Radio Bursts : A Summary of Observations at Four Frequencies
The Radial-Azimuthal Instability of Gas-Pressure-Dominated Accretion Disk with Advection
The Process of Photon-Splitting and its Effect on Pulsar Emission : The Analytic Approach
On most general exact solution for Vaidya-Tikekar isentropic superdense star
Universe's Expansion Puts Limits On The Cosmic Time Scale Variations Of Gravitational And Cosmological ‘Constants’
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