Cosmological Constant and the Final Anthropic Hypothesis
Simultaneous observations of the OH maser at 1665 and 1667 MHZ in ON2
Spherical Domain Walls in Higher Dimension
AV Hydrae
Cherenkov emissions of Langmuir plasmons and light neutrinos by the flux of neutrinos
Franck-condon factors and -centroids for certain band systems of astrophysical molecular ions CN + and N + 2
Characteristics of Astronomy-Related Organizations
High excitation emission lines in binary systems with roundchroms
Unstable Behavior of the W UMa-Type Contact Binary V1073 Cygni
Inhomogeneous model with cosmological term
Four Dipole Problem Equilibrium Configurations
Cosmological models in semi-classical and higher order gravitational theories
Gravitational Field of Domain Walls in Higher Dimension
Orbital Period Studies of RS CVn-type binaries III. BH Virginis
Cooling Radius vs. Absorption Size of Galaxies
List of forthcoming papers
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