Cosmological Constant and the Final Anthropic Hypothesis
Simultaneous observations of the OH maser at 1665 and 1667 MHZ in ON2
Spherical Domain Walls in Higher Dimension
AV Hydrae : A Near-Contact Semi-Detached Binary with Possible Mass and Angular Momentum Loss
Cherenkov emissions of Langmuir plasmons and light neutrinos by the flux of neutrinos
Franck-condon factors and -centroids for certain band systems of astrophysical molecular ions CN + and N + 2
Characteristics of Astronomy-Related Organizations
High excitation emission lines in binary systems with roundchroms
Unstable Behavior of the W UMa-Type Contact Binary V1073 Cygni
Inhomogeneous model with cosmological term
Four Dipole Problem Equilibrium Configurations
Cosmological models in semi-classical and higher order gravitational theories
Gravitational Field of Domain Walls in Higher Dimension
Orbital Period Studies of RS CVn-type binaries III. BH Virginis
Cooling Radius vs. Absorption Size of Galaxies : (Letter to the Editor)
List of forthcoming papers
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