The Photometric Observations and the Light Curve Analysis of U Pegasi
Gravitational Lensing Effects in a Modified General Relativity Model
Dynamical structure of planetary nebulae in three dimensions
Parameter values for stable low-inclination periodic motion in the restricted three-body problem with oblateness
Bifurcations of plane to 3D periodic orbits in the photogravitational restricted three-body problem
Orbital Period Changes of Two Very Short-Period W UMa Stars CC Com and V523 Cas : A Possible Evidence for TRO Plus AML Model
An Apparent Gap in Stellar Mass Distributions at ≈ 0.7 M ⊙ and a Possible Explanation
1998 UBV Light Curves of Eclipsing Binary AI Draconis and Absolute Parameters
On the Relations between Infrared Colors and Mass Loss Rates for S Stars
Matter Collineations of Some Static Spherically Symmetric Spacetimes
The Destruction of Heterogeneous Cometary Grains as the Possible Cause of Variations and Outbursts of Comets' Brightness
Small Amplitude Nonlinear Dust Acoustic Wave Propagation in Saturn's F, G and E Rings
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