Dr. Willem Wamsteker
Head-on Collision of Disk-Sphere Galaxies
Stability in Period and Amplitude : The High-Amplitude δ Scuti Star YZ Boötis
Scattering Properties and Composition of Cometary Dust
SCR Distribution Function in the Radial IMF Approximation
The Momentum 4-Vector Imparted by Gravitational Waves in Bianchi-Type Metrics*
Cosmological Model with a Viscous Fluid in a Kaluza-Klein Metric
Equilibrium Structures of Differentially Rotating and Tidally Distorted White Dwarf Models of Stars
∧ Varying Cosmological Models with Viscous Fluid
Radio, Hard X-Ray, EUV and Optical Study of September 9, 2002 Solar Flare
Higher Dimensional FRW Cosmological Models in Self-Creation Theory
Einstein–Rosen Universe in a Scalar-Tensor Theory of Gravitation
Inhomogeneous Cylindrically-Symmetric Models with Varying Cosmological Term
Differential Rotation in Self Gravitating Filaments
Numerical Investigation of the Galactic Problem by Computing Families of Periodic Solutions
Quasars Associated with NGC 613, NGC 936 and NGC 941
Some Bianchi Type I Viscous Fluid Cosmological Models with a Variable Cosmological Constant
Comet Hale-Bopp (C/1995 O1) : UVSTAR-FUV Spectroscopy from the Space Shuttle
Brans-Dicke Scalar Tensor Theory and de Broglie-Bohm Particle Interpretation
On Plane Symmetric Domain Walls and Cosmic Strings in Bimetric Theory
The Photon Mean Free Path Sphere, The Minimum Energy, and the Masses of the Main Elementary Particles
Asymptotic and Periodic Orbits Around L 3 in the Photogravitational Restricted Three-Body Problem
On the Reliability of Merger-Trees and the Mass-Growth Histories of Dark Matter Haloes
The Restricted Three-Body Problem : Comments on the Rotational Effect
On Kantowski–Sachs Cosmological Models in Bimetric Theory of Gravity
Spiral Galaxies as Chiral Objects?
Photometric Analysis of Southern Contact Binary Stars III : NSV 3497 and NSV 13890