Ivan Mikheevich Kopylov
Distances to 24 Galaxies in the Direction of the Virgo Cluster and a Determination of the Hubble Constant
Photometric Investigation of the Peculiar Galaxy NGC 7468 (Mrk 314)
Quasars in Regions of Rich Clusters of Galaxies
Relationship between Infrared and Radio Emission of Seyfert Galaxies
Ellipticity of Nearby Elliptical Galaxies Identified with Extended Extragalactic Radio Sources
CCD Photometry of the Cataclysmic Variable SW Ursae Majoris at a Late Stage of the 2000 Superoutburst
Photometric and Polarimetric Observations of the Star SAO 124414
Some Characteristics of the Circumstellar Shells of Stars with Variability of the R Coronae Borealis Type
Stellar Wind as a Stimulator of Accretion Activity in Young Binary Systems
Relaxation of the Angular Velocity of the Vela Pulsar within the Framework of General Relativity. Quark Model of a Neutron Star
Emission from an Inhomogeneous Plasma
Dilaton Stabilization in String Cosmology. III. Models with Curved Space
Variant of the Bimetric Theory of Gravitation. III. Gravitational Radiation
Photometry of the Herbig Ae Star VV Ser B in an Anomalously Deep Brightness Minimum
New Faint CH Stars at High Galactic Latitudes
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