Outcomes in Patients Treated with a Novel, Simple Method for Hemostasis of Dermal Avulsion Injuries

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OBJECTIVE:A recently described technique proposes a simple method to achieve permanent hemostasis of distal fingertip dermal avulsion injuries. It is simple to learn and easy to perform with readily available materials found in most emergency departments. However, long-term outcomes for patients treated with this technique have not yet been evaluated. A primary objective of the current article is to provide safety data for the technique using an off-label product indication.SETTING:Emergency department of Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, San Francisco, California.MATERIALS AND METHODS:Six patients were treated in the emergency department for fingertip dermal avulsion injuries using a tourniquet and tissue adhesive glue (Dermabond by Ethicon, Somerville, New Jersey). Patients were subsequently contacted to assess healing and satisfaction with cosmetic outcome through interview and photographs of their wounds at 9 months following the date of injury.RESULTS:All 6 patients were satisfied with the cosmetic outcome of treatment, and none received a diagnosis of serious complications.CONCLUSIONS:This series demonstrates cosmetic outcomes for injuries treated with the technique, highlights potential problems that may be perceived by patients during their clinical course, and creates the groundwork for a larger clinical study examining the use of the technique.

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