Stratospheric aerosol sulfuric acid
Vertical profiles of Volcanic Aerosol and Polar Stratospheric Clouds Above Kiruna, Sweden
Deuterium, Oxygen-18, and Tritium as Tracers for Water Vapour Transport in the Lower Stratosphere and Tropopause Region
Observations of nitric acid perturbations in the winter Arctic stratosphere
HNO3 and PSC Measurements from the Transall
MIPAS-Transall Observations of the Variability of CLONO2 during the Arctic Winter of 1994/95
Column Observations of Stratospheric Gases at Søndre Strømfjord, Greenland During Winter 1994-1995
Ground-based FTIR Measurements of Stratospheric Trace Species from Aberdeen During Winter and Spring 1993/94 and 1994/95 and Comparison with a 3D Model
Ground-based FTIR Measurements with High Temporal Resolution
Groundbased Doas UV/visible measurements at Kiruna (Sweden) during the sesame winters 1993/94 and 1994/95.
Accurate Derivation of Total and Stratospheric Vertical Columns of NO2 from Ground-Based Zenith-Sky Measurements
Upper Limit of Iodine Oxide in the Lower Stratosphere
A Study of Ozone Laminae Using Diabatic Trajectories, Contour Advection and Photochemical Trajectory Model Simulations.