Reactions of Cl Atoms with Selected VOCs : Kinetics, Products and Mechanisms
Unexpected High Levels of Ozone Measured in Córdoba, Argentina
Kinetics of the Gas-Phase Reactions of OH and NO3 Radicals and O3 with the Monoterpene Reaction Products Pinonaldehyde, Caronaldehyde, and Sabinaketone
A Possible Photochemical Link Between Stratospheric and Near-Surface Ozone on Swiss Mountain Sites in Late Winter
NaCl Aerosol Particle Hygroscopicity Dependence on Mixing with Organic Compounds
William H. Schlesinger : Biogeochemistry, an Analysis of Global Change, 2nd edi-tion, Academic Press, San Diego, California, paperback ISBN 0-12-625155-X, US$ 49.95.
Primary Product Distribution from the Reaction of Hydroxyl Radicals with Toluene at ppb NOX Mixing Ratios
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