Characterization of Water-Soluble Macromolecular Substances in Cloud Water
Determination of Sulfur Balance Between the Atmosphere and a Norway Spruce Forest Ecosystem
Kinetics of the Gas-Phase Reactions of OH Radicals, NO3 Radicals and O3 with Three C7-Carbonyls Formed From The Atmospheric Reactions of Myrcene, Ocimene and Terpinolene
Investigating the Halogen Chemistry From High-Latitude Nighttime Stratospheric Measurements of OClO and NO2
Mechanistic and Kinetic Study of the Gas-Phase Reaction of Atomic Chlorine with Cyclohexanone using an Absolute and a Relative Technique; Influence of Temperature
Elemental and Single Particle Aerosol Characterisation at a Background Station in Kazakhstan
Sounding the Troposphere from Space. A New Era for Atmospheric Chemistry,
Handbook of Atmospheric Science. Principles and Applications
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