Validation and Application of Plants as Biomonitors of Trace Element Atmospheric Pollution – A Co-Ordinated Effort in 14 Countries
A Kriging-based Estimate of the Survey Quality in Biomonitoring of Trace Element Air Pollution
Integrative Monitoring Analysis Aiming at the Detection of Spatial and Temporal Trends of Metal Accumulation in Mosses
Spatial Variability of Sampling : Grid Size Impact on Atmospheric Metals and Trace Elements Deposition Mapping with Mosses
Atmospheric Dioxin and Furan Deposition in Relation to Land-Use and Other Pollutants : A Survey with Lichens
Bioaccumulation of Cobalt in Parmelia sulcata
Heavy Metal Accumulation in the Lichen Evernia prunastri Transplanted at Urban, Rural and Industrial Sites in Central Italy
Biological and Temporal Variations of Trace Element Concentrations in the Moss Species Scleropodium purum (Hedw.) Limpr.
Field and Laboratory Exposures of Two Moss Species to Low Level Metal Pollution
Vegetable Crops for Biomonitoring Lead and Cadmium Deposition
Could Ornamental Plants Serve as Passive Biomonitors in Urban Areas?
Pollen Viability for Air Pollution Bio-Monitoring
Relative Response of Biological and Non-Biological Monitors in a Coastal Environment
Roe Deer Antlers as a Historical Bioindicator of Lead Pollution in the Šalek Valley, Slovenia
Changes in Element Concentrations in Moss Segments After Cross-Transplanting Between a Polluted and Non-Polluted Site
Applicability of In Situ or Transplanted Lichens for Assessment of Atmospheric Pollution in Patagonia, Argentina
Lichen-Transplant Biomonitoring in the Assessment of Dispersion of Atmospheric Trace-Element Pollutants : Effects of Orientation Towards the Wind Direction
Monitoring of Short-Term Heavy Metal Deposition by Accumulation in Epiphytic Lichens (Hypogymnia Physodes (L.) Nyl.)
Element-Enrichment Factors in Lichens from Terceira, Santa Maria and Madeira Islands (Azores and Madeira Archipelagoes)
Impact of UV-B, Heat and Chemicals on Ethylene-Production of Lichens
Interactive Effects of UV-B Radiation and Chemical Contamination on Physiological Parameters in the Lichen Ramalina lacera
Study of the Impact of Industrial Emission on the Vegetation Grown Around Huelva (South of Spain) City
Polyamine Production in Lichens Under Metal Pollution Stress
Sorption Characteristics of Inorganic, Methyl and Elemental Mercury on Lichens and Mosses : Implication in Biogeochemical Cycling of Mercury
Metabolised Tritium and Radiocarbon in Lichens and Their Use as Biomonitors
Arsenic Speciation in Lichens and in Coarse and Fine Airborne Particulate Matter by HPLC–UV–HG–AFS
Assessment of Lichen Vitality During a Transplantation Experiment to a Polluted Site
Impact of Air Pollution on Genetic Material of Shallot (Allium cepa L. var. ascalonicum) Exposed at Differently Polluted Sites in Slovenia
Mapping Lichen Diversity as a First Step for Air Quality Assessment
Spatial and Temporal Variations of Trace Element Contents in Xanthoria Parietina Thalli Collected in a Highly Industrialized Area in Northern France as an Element for a Future Epidemiological Study
Assessment of Workers’ Contamination Caused by Air Pollution Exposure in Industry Using Biomonitors
Application of Lead Isotopic Ratios in Atmospheric Pollution Studies in the Valley of Mexico
Heavy Metal Concentrations in European Mosses: 2000/2001 Survey
Lichens as Biomonitors of Depleted Uranium in Kosovo
Uranium Isotopes, Metals and Other Elements in Lichens and Tree Barks Collected in Bosnia–Herzegovina
Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Heavy Metal Deposition by Mosses in the Vicinity of Industrial Sites
Biomonitoring of Element Deposition Using Mosses in the 2000 French Survey : Identifying Sources and Spatial Trends
Current Atmospheric Deposition Loads and Their Trends in the Czech Republic Determined by Mapping the Distribution of Moss Element Contents
Monitoring of Air Pollution in Latvia Between 1990 and 2000 Using Moss
Atmospheric Deposition of Trace Elements in Romania Studied by the Moss Biomonitoring Technique
Air Pollution Studies in Central Russia (Tver and Yaroslavl Regions) Using the Moss Biomonitoring Technique and Neutron Activation Analysis
Trace Metals in Mosses in the Estonian Oil Shale Processing Region
Native Trees as Biomonitors of Chemical Elements in the Biodiversity Conservation of the Atlantic Forest
Zinc, Lead and Cadmium Content in Meadow Plants and Mosses Along the M3 Motorway (Hungary)