Research and Development Work on Nuclear Reactors for Power Production in Russia
Characteristic Features of the Development of Serious Unanticipated Accidents in RBMK Reactors and Approaches to Controlling Such Accidents
Radiation Characteristics of Fuel and Wastes in the Uranium–Plutonium and Thorium–Uranium Fuel Cycle
Intrinsic Safety of Future BN-800 Based Nuclear Technology
Calculation of the Reliability Indicators of the System Protected Object–Control and Protection System
Experimental Investigation of Transparent Models of Steam-Water Injector with a Convergent Nozzle
Restoration of Mechanical Properties of Irradiated Steel by Thermal Annealing
Interaction of Oxide Melt with External-Trap Zirconium Dioxide Refractories
Radiation Resistance of Fused Titanium Ceramic for Actinide Immobilization
Simulation of Safe Methods for Performing Decontamination Work
Electrochemical Separation of Ammonium Polyuranate (Yellow Cake) from Nitric-Sulfuric-Acid Commodity Desorbates
Plasma–Hydrogen Reduction of Waste Uranium Hexafluoride
γ-Spectrometric Monitoring of Large Plutonium Samples