Simulation of the Power Distribution in a VVÉR Core for Safety Analysis
Development Status of Liquid Systems for Stopping Nuclear Reactors
Principles for Finding Matrices for Immobilizing High-Level Wastes
Sorption and Desorption of Radionuclides on the Structural Materials of a Nuclear Power System as Applied to Nuclear Power Plants with RBMK Reactors during Shutdown
Tc(VII) Sorption by Fibrous Sorbents
Substantiation of the Radiochemical Characteristics of Liquid Radioactive Wastes That Determine Safe Operation of Deep Waste Disposal Sites
Limitations of the Model of Centrifugal Separation of a Binary Mixture of Isotopes Based on Approximate Helmholtz Decomposition
Radionuclide Escape into Water Solutions during Photoactivation of Two-Phase Targets by 20.5 MeV Bremsstrahlung
Determination of the Attentuation Multiple of an Air Layer for γ-Rays Emitted from a Radioactively Contaminated Site
Increasing the Internal Protection of a Pulsed Reactor Against Wrong or Illegal Actions
SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL COMMUNICATIONS : Tabular Method for Describing Critical Heat Flows in Square-Packed Fuel Assemblies
Heat Transfer in Bubble and Transient Boiling Regimes in Spherical Fills
Estimate of the Natural Irradiation Dose in Retrospective Luminescence Dosimetry