Matrix method to study IEEE 802.11 network

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In this paper, we estimate characteristics of the IEEE 802.11 DCF (Distributed Coordination Function) in non-saturation mode. We take into account two significant features inherent to the non-saturated 802.11 DCF: (i) the possibility of asynchronous transmission performed without preceding backoff for the first packet arriving at the idle staion; and (ii) so-called post backoff meaning that a station must perform a backoff once after any of its transmissions even if its queue becomes empty. We derive the probability generating function (PGF) of Head-of-Line delay (HoL-delay). Our method to find PGF of HoL-delay is quite intuitive and straightforward. Also, we obtain the packet loss probability and non-saturation throughput. Numerical results show that these two features inherent to the non-saturated 802.11 DCF influence on the performance measures of DCF such as delay considerably and it should be taken into account for accurate modeling of DCF.

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