Molecular Studies of Hair Cell Development and Survival
Connexins and Gap Junctions in the Inner Ear
Current Issues in Cochlear Gene Transfer
Stress Pathways in the Rat Cochlea and Potential for Protection from Acquired Deafness
Viral-Mediated Gene Transfer to Study the Molecular Physiology of the Mammalian Inner Ear
From Gene Identification to Gene Therapy
Mechanisms of Cell Death in the Injured Auditory System : Otoprotective Strategies
Recent Advances in Understanding Aminoglycoside Ototoxicity and Its Prevention
Protection and Regrowth of the Auditory Nerve after Deafness : Neurotrophins, Antioxidants and Depolarization Are Effective in vivo
Potential Role of Purinergic Signalling in Cochlear Pathology
Molecular Diagnosis of Deafness : Impact of Gene Identification
An Animal Model of Auditory Cortex Prostheses