Cochlear Transduction : From Models to Molecules and Back Again
Prestin, the Motor Protein of Outer Hair Cells
Mechanical Transduction in Outer Hair Cells
Non-Linear Aspects of Outer Hair Cell Transduction and the Temporary Threshold Shifts after Acoustic Trauma
In vivo Micromechanical Measurements of the Organ of Corti in the Basal Cochlear Turn
Exploring the Living Cochlea Using Confocal Microscopy
Mechanoelectrical and Voltage-Gated Ion Channels in Mammalian Vestibular Hair Cells
Roles of Fibroblast Growth Factors in the Inner Ear
The Synaptic Physiology of Cochlear Hair Cells
Vesicle Targeting in Hair Cells
The Inner Hair Cell Synaptic Complex : Physiology, Pharmacology and New Therapeutic Strategies
Purinergic Regulation of Sound Transduction and Auditory Neurotransmission
A Role for Purinergic Receptors at the Inner Hair Cell-Afferent Synapse?
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