Hearing Loss and the Limits of Amplification
An Overview of Binaural Advantages for Children and Adults Who Use Binaural/Bimodal Hearing Devices
Music Perception with Cochlear Implants and Residual Hearing
A Frequency-Position Function for the Human Cochlear Spiral Ganglion
Adaptation to Distorted Frequency-to-Place Maps : Implications of Simulations in Normal Listeners for Cochlear Implants and Electroacoustic Stimulation
The Size of the Cochlea and Predictions of Insertion Depth Angles for Cochlear Implant Electrodes
Temporal Bone Results and Hearing Preservation with a New Straight Electrode
Comparison of Round Window and Cochleostomy Approaches with a Prototype Hearing Preservation Electrode
Ipsilateral Electric Acoustic Stimulation of the Auditory System : Results of Long-Term Hearing Preservation
Combined Electroacoustic Stimulation in Conventional Candidates for Cochlear Implantation
Acoustic plus Electric Speech Processing : Preliminary Results of a Multicenter Clinical Trial of the Iowa/Nucleus Hybrid Implant