Hearing Loss and the Limits of Amplification
An Overview of Binaural Advantages for Children and Adults Who Use Binaural/Bimodal Hearing Devices
Music Perception with Cochlear Implants and Residual Hearing
A Frequency-Position Function for the Human Cochlear Spiral Ganglion
Adaptation to Distorted Frequency-to-Place Maps
The Size of the Cochlea and Predictions of Insertion Depth Angles for Cochlear Implant Electrodes
Temporal Bone Results and Hearing Preservation with a New Straight Electrode
Comparison of Round Window and Cochleostomy Approaches with a Prototype Hearing Preservation Electrode
Ipsilateral Electric Acoustic Stimulation of the Auditory System
Combined Electroacoustic Stimulation in Conventional Candidates for Cochlear Implantation
Acoustic plus Electric Speech Processing