Preservation of coronal tooth fragments prior to reattachment

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Reattachment of the tooth fragment is a well-accepted treatment option in dealing with crown fractures. Hydration of the fragment is an important aspect in this treatment. The present study evaluated the effect of storing fragments in different storage media prior to reattachment.


Sixty bovine incisors were randomly divided into five groups. The teeth were fractured and the fragments were dried for 48 hours and then immersed in one of the four experimental media (distilled water, milk, egg white, or 50% dextrose solution) for 2 hours. Tooth fragments in the control group were kept dry. The apical segments of the fractured teeth were stored in physiological saline. Fragments were reattached and force was applied on the labial side of the teeth at a 1 mm/min rate until failure.


One-way ANOVA indicated that the storage medium affects bond strength (p = 0.002). Multiple comparison tests showed that the teeth preserved in the 50% dextrose solution and the egg white exhibited significantly higher bond strengths compared to the control group (p < 0.05).


Preservation of the fractured tooth fragment in egg white or hypertonic solutions results in a higher strength of the bond between the restoration and the tooth as compared to storage in water or dried conditions.

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