Life cycles of traumatized teeth: long-term observations from a cohort of dental trauma victims

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Life cycles of dental trauma victims can provide important clinical information, especially when viewed over many years. In this first series of life cycles, the pulp and periodontal responses to traumatic injuries of four patients are documented over periods varying from 26 to 51 years. The dynamics of pulp survival following an intrusive luxation and two avulsions are followed, with particular reference to pulp canal calcification to which a new term, root canal stenosis, has been proposed. The life cycles include the successful management of inflammatory root resorption in a replanted tooth with an open apex contrasting with the early prophylactic endodontic treatment of two replanted teeth in a patient with mature apices. The long-term development of invasive cervical resorption in one of the patient's life cycle highlights the importance of ongoing follow-up examinations for dental trauma victims.

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